We Are LUX

Bold. Dramatic. Unruly. Visionary.

LUX is a bold new orchestra taking unprecedented steps toward creating an immersive performance aesthetic. We change the way audiences think about and experience symphonic music. Merging the worlds of high-energy performance and orchestral music, we offer an unparalleled musical experience.

Bold, dramatic, unruly, visionary. LUX is a musical explosion of light, electronic mash-ups and uniquely inspired performance art, presenting the world’s most dramatic and revolutionary symphonic music in radical style.

Formed in 2016 by conductor and composer Brent Chancellor, LUX represents a new vision for symphonic music – one that engages audiences through lighting effects, projections, amplification and a disruption of traditional performance etiquette. This is the new classical. › Learn More


To re-imagine, redefine and create a new American orchestra experience.


To create a world where orchestras are a vital part of American culture, express the diversity, variety, and heritage of America musically and institutionally, and and kick-ass.



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LUX Manifesto

"We are bold, dramatic, unruly visionaries. We are disrupters who will change the way audiences think about and experience symphonic music. There will be no black ties. There will be no stuffy speeches, and there will be no conventional performance etiquette. It will be electrifying. It will be dramatic. It will be spectacular.

Merging the worlds of high-energy performance and symphonic music, we will offer an unparalleled musical experience; a spectacle of light and rising-star musicians performing the world’s most dramatic music in revolutionary style. We are the new classical.

If you subscribe to this, you are one of us."

The Orchestra

The LUX Orchestra & Initiative

We are a new ensemble with a big vision; to train the next generation of orchestral musicians and create a new aesthetic in orchestral performance.

The LUX Orchestra & Initiative is a professional training orchestra devoted to engaging new, young and diverse audiences and musicians. Our focus is to create an open and engaging aesthetic in orchestral performance that will drive the evolution of the performance medium while preparing musicians for the highest level of artistry demanded in professional settings. › Audition

Our Mission

› Develop and maintain professional training orchestra for musicians 18-35 who have started or completed their university level training but have not yet won an audition with a professional full-time orchestra and who are in transition from academic to professional status.

› Target 13-35 year-old audience engagement through innovative mixed-media programs and performance-art inspired presentations.

Provide in/out of school educational performances for SOMSD in partnership with SOPAC and educational video presentation in partnership with universities and publishers.

Artistic Leadership

Brent Chancellor

Music Director
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John Kaefer

Composer In Residence
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Board of Directors

Brent Chancellor
Freddy Aresenault
Tristan Aniceto

Artistic Advisory Committee

Zach Brock, GRAMMY Award winning violinist
John Kaefer, Composer
Ken Lam, Music Director, Charleston Symphony

Ming Luke, Director, Blackburn Music Academy at Festival Napa Valley
Anthony Mazzocchi, Associate Director, John J. Cali School of Music, multi-GRAMMY nominated music educator
Paul Nadler, Conductor, Metropolitan Opera

Joel Revzen, Conductor, Metropolitan Opera
Weston Sprott, MET Orchestra
Martin West, Music Director, San Francisco Ballet
Philip Traugott, GRAMMY nominated producer, BMG, Decca, Naxos, Sony Classical


    (917) 239-7007

    OUTREACH outreach@luxorch.org | CREATIVE DEVELOPMENT lux@luxorch.org